Virtual Mouse
Face Recognition

A basic level Face detection and recognition system was proposed and implement that used the voila jones face detection algorithm and basic features were extracted using the famous gabor filter

This project beautifully demonstrates the use of the basic color detection methods and how to use it to intercat with the computer without using a mouse. left click, right click, select, copy-paste, scroll, and a few more tasks were performed quite efficiently.

This Project implemets the concept of bit-plane slicing and demonstrates in real time how the image & video size reduction takes place. 

This Project demonstrates the use of SURF points to accurately match images in case of small datasets.

Image & Video Compression
Currency Notes Recognition

Student Mentorship Program (SMP).


An initiative called the Student Mentorship Program was started by students of my university in 2011. The main focus of the initiative was to establish an exchange of knowledge between senior and junior batches of Engineering. I joined the team as its senior core member in May, 2013. I mentored students in the fields of Robotics and Image-processing for one full acadamic year. A formal course structure was designed by me that consisted of about 12-15 lectures in a semester. The content and the structure was to inspire practicle work and to do projects that will be usefull in our day to day lives. In the first half of the course I taught the basics of image processing and robotics. In the later half, I formed teams of students with whom I worked closely on real world projects.


Traffic Signal Detection
Hexapod bot design

This is one of the fun projects aimed to test the concepts of image processing and basic electronics. An autonomous bot was made that would drive throught the city made on a big chart paper. Atleast 10 signals were identified and followed by the bot and the project was completed by a team of students.

This involved the making of an hexapod robot. the design and implementation techniques were discussed at length.

Quadcopter Endevour

This is one of the most ambitious projects. We decided not to go for the already made kits available in the market and to do everything from scratch. It involved learning of new skill sets like Eagle software, datasheets, circuit debugging, coding and algorithms. This is an on-going project and there is still a long way to go..


My Team:

Mentee's Experiences:

Animesh: "The person instrumental in imbibing in me the inspiration are my mentors.Had you been not there,achieving the feat of becoming a mentor wouldn't have been that much easier.I owe you a lot and appreciate the help you gave me when I was in need of it. Once again a big time thanks for everything."


Shashank: "to be frank, SMP Image processing was one of my first experience with anything remotely "technical". It was an amazing learning experience and we managed to develop an intricate mentor-mentee relationship which I will honestly cherish."


Devesh: "The most genuine and approachable mentor..Not just for IP but for anything in general. I started IP only because of the way classes were made interesting, fun, informal yet highly informative"


Sanchit: "Smp IP was the first time I worked hard at something and not for marks. I worked because I found it interesting because the way you taught us was interesting. We found a great resource of knowledge in you, and guidance too. So, thank you bhaiya!!"


Jayant: "Mr. Sidharth Sahdev did a very commendable job as our mentor for Image Processing. He had very strong basics and could teach even the most complex concepts easily through examples, He gave us challenging assignments for practice and some good research papers to read after going through it himself first. It was a very nice experience learning Image Processing from him."


Neeraj: "my experience was good .I learned a lot and u were very passionate,hard-working and u r a good teacher .thanks."


Manasi: "He was a person who could easily connect theory with practical application."


Aastha: "He was well aware of the new technologies in the area and how they could be applied in day to day scenarios"


Ishita: "He gave us a true insight into the subject"

Teaching Experience

I have had a chance to teach concepts in Algorithms, coding and hardware. I have worked closely with students and mentored them on cool projects. Read below for more.

Teaching at University of Toronto.


  • Winter 2017 & Fall 2016:

CSC 108 - Computer Science for the Sciences (Python Programming).

I helped the professor with marking of quizzes and assignments for an introductory course on Python-Programming for 1st Yr. engineering students.

  • Winter 2016:

CSC 120 - Computer Science for the Sciences (R Programming).

I helped the professor with marking of quizzes and assignments for an introductory course on R-Programming for 1st Yr. engineering students.


  • Fall 2015:

ECE 385 - Microprocessors System.

I was a Teaching Assistant for the course on Microprocessors for the 3rd Year Engineering students in Computer Science and Electonics. I handeled the labs for the students and taught them how to design and work with NIOS II assembly language on Altera DEC-1 boards.


I mentored 13 course projects for the students and closely worked with them on both Hardware and software projects.


Teaching at BITS Pilani.