Provisional Patent applied in 2013. Patent No. 2783/DEL/2013
  • Title: An automatic apparatus, kit and a method for rapid detection of urinary pathogens and susceptibility thereof to antimicrobial agents in a biological sample, Patent application No. 2783/DEL/2013

  • Patent Filed by BITS- Pilani with Dr. Suman Kapur as inventor

  • Patent for:

               1. Validated Proprietary reagent/kit Indigenous technology for rapid test

               2. In-house designed analytical software

  • Exclusive IPR licensing agreement with BITS, Pilani.

Status: granted

My contribution: Involved in making the electronic device (automatic apparatus) to harvest the media and to give out directly user readable information.

Improved Single Image and Video Dehazing Using Morphological Operation, Apurva Kumari, Sidharth Sahdev, S.K. Sahoo; published in Proceedings of IEEE VLSI-SATA 2015.
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International Journal Reviewing
Institution of Engineering and Technology Image Processing (IET IPR)
International Conference Reviewing
International Conference on Human Robot Interaction (HRI)
 2017 (1)
GhostID: Enabling Enabling Non-Persistent User Differentiation in Frequency-Division Capacitive Multi-Touch Sensors. Sidharth Sahdev, Clifton Forlines, Ricardo Jota, Bruno De Araujo, Braon Mosely, Jonathan Deber, Steven Sanders, Darren Leigh, Daniel Wigdor; To appear in Proceedings of ACM SIGCHI 2017.