LivingDesktop: Augmenting Desktop Workstation with Actuated Devices (May 2014- July 2015).

Summer Research Internship (18th May, 2014 – 28th July, 2014)

Funded by Campus France & Telecom ParisTech


Bachelor Thesis (14th January 2015 - 8th July 2015)

Funded by Telecom ParisTech

Human Computer Interaction Group- Telecom ParisTech, Paris


Fellow Collaborators:

Dr. Gilles Bailly, CNRS Researcher, INFRES Dept., HCI (VIA) group, Telecom ParisTech Paris, France

Dr. Sylvain Malacria, Research scientist (Chargé de Recherche) at Inria Lille, in the Mjölnir group

Dr. Thomas Pietrzak, Assistant Professor, Inria Lille; researcher in the Mjölnir group


We investigate the potential benefits of actuated devices for the desktop workstation which remains the most used environment for daily office works. A formative study reveals that the desktop workstation is not a fixed environment because users manually change the position and the orientation of their devices. Based on these findings, we designed and implemented the LivingDesktop, an augmented desktop workstation with devices (mouse, keyboard, monitor) capable of moving autonomously. We present a set of interaction
techniques and applications illustrating how actuated desktop workstations can improve ergonomics, foster collaboration, leverage context and reinforce physicality. Finally, the findings of a scenario evaluation are (1) the perceived usefulness of ergonomics and collaboration applications; (2) how the LivingDesktop inspired our participants to elaborate novel accessibility and social applications; (3) the location and user practices should be considered when designed actuated desktop devices.




IHM'15 submission (french)

Phase 1

Phase 2