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University of Toronto


  • CSC 2523 Deep Learning in Computer Vision

  • ECE 1782 Programming Massively Parallel Multiprocessors and Heterogenous Systems

  • CSC 2541 Autonomous Driving and Visual Perception (audited)

  • CSC 2515 Introduction to Machine Learning

  • CSC 2503 Foundations of Computer Vision

  • CSC 2514 Human-Computer Interaction

  • CSC 2701 Communication for Computer Scientists


Self Taught


  • Datastructures & Algorithms

  • Image Processing


Telecom ParisTech, Paris, France


  • BITS F422 Undergraduate Research Thesis in HCI


Birla Institute of Technology & Science Pilani, Hyderabad Campus


  • MATH F266 Optimization

  • MATH F211 Mathematics III (Differential Equations)

  • MATH F112 Mathematics II (Linear Algebra)

  • MATH F111 Mathematics I (Calculus)

  • MATH F113 Probability & Statistics


Computer Science

  • CS F342  Computer Architecture

  • IS  F311   Computer Graphics

  • CS F376  Design Project

  • CS F110   Computer Programming



  • BITS  F463  Cryptography

  • BITS  F464  Machine Learning

  • ECON F411   Project Appraisal

  • ECON F415  New Venture Creation



  • ECE  F343   Communication Networks

  • ECE  F434   Digital Signal Processing

  • ECE  F344   Information Theory & Coding

  • ECE  F311    Communication Systems

  • ECE  F367   Laboratory Project

  • ECE  F366   Laboratory Project

  • ECE  F341   Analog Electronics

  • ECE  F241   Microprocessors & Interfacing

  • EEE  F313   Analog & Digital VLSI Design

  • ECE  F314   EM Fields & Microwave Engineering

  • ECE  F242   Control Systems

  • ECE  F243   Signal & Systems

  • ECE  F244   Microelectronic Circuits

  • ECE  F211    Electrical Machines

  • ECE  F212   Electromagnetic Theory

  • ECE  F214   Electronic Devices

  • ECE  F215   Digital Design

  • EEE  F111    Electrical Sciences


University Requirements

  • BITS   F221   Practice School (Research Internship in Computer Vision)

  • BITS   F112   Technical Report Writing

  • BITS   F110   Engineering Graphics

  • ME     F110   Workshop Practice

  • MGTS F211   Principles of Management

  • BITS   F111    Thermodynamics


Humanities Electives

  • POL F321   International Relations

  • HSS F334  Srimad Bhagavad Gita

  • GS   F224  Print & Audio Visual Advertizement


Physical Sciences

  • BIO     F110 Biology Lab

  • CHEM  F110 Chemistry Lab

  • PHY    F110 Physics Lab

  • BIO     F111 General Biology

  • CHEM  F111 General Chemistry

  • PHY     F111 Mechanics Oscillations & Waves