Generation of anaglyph Image in Real Time using kinect (May – June 2013)


Fellow Collaborators:

Supervision: Dr. Jagdish L. Raheja, Senior Pr. Scientist at Centre for Electronic Engineering and Research Institute (CEERI)-Pilani.

Mr. Jimmy Morzaria, UnderGraduate student, K.K.Birla BITS Pilani, Goa Campus



An anaglyph image allows the perception of depth when observed through colored glasses such as the familiar red/blue glasses. This project entails real-time anaglyph image generation using Kinect for Windows. Anaglyphs have long been used to represent 3D features using 2D images. These have come in and out of popularity over the years and recently have been applied to movies as extra features on Blu-ray DVDs. The project aims at testing the features of a 3D endoscope using kinect.

Put on your 3-D glasses and enjoy the video: