About ME


My research interest primarily consist of product based electronics in the field of computer vision and robotics. I was fortunate to be exposed to the world of electronics at a very young age. I used to spend time at my father’s factory when I was at school and I started to observe electronics since then. I was always fascinated about how electronics is being put to use in the Defence sector. I look up to my father as my idol. He is a Mechanical Engineer & M.B.A. by profession but knows almost all the core concepts of electronics. He made me realize that product development has a multidisciplinary aspect to it. The scope of product development in computer vision and robotics is huge and I have personally experienced the range of products that are possible today. I have been fortunate to visit six countries across Europe and Asia and seeing the current technology in these nations motivates and challenges me to do something substantial. For me this is a driving factor to pursue a career in my research field. 


Being from an Electronics background, I found my inclination towards hardware interface. I entered college and since then I have totally loved the wonderful world of electronics and coding. I have been creating some proof of concept projects every month since my second year of college however small it may be. I believe this exercise not only allows me to come up with new ideas for innovative products but it also motivates me to explore more. I have developed a good amount of passion for Computer vision and HCI that pushes me every time to find out any advances in these fields. My preparation for the indicated field of study can be judged by the projects I have done. I have done work in dynamic areas and my projects have been multidisciplinary. I believe in product oriented research in varied disciplines. It not only helps me in improving my core strengths but also gives me a broader picture of possible areas of research in other fields.


My motivation for graduate study primarily is to build innovative products. I have been prototyping for some time now, but that is not sufficient to build industrial products. I have an industrial product to my credit that I can proudly associate myself with. The joy and confidence that I get from it motivates me to take up research.


My long term career goals consist of seeing myself as Researcher in a R&D lab and building some products that would benefit humanity. My research goals also consist of setting up and taking my father’s industry to the next level of excellence.