Deep learning approach for specific Object Detection.






HCI & Robotics

Actuating Desktop devices.

image & signal processing for bad whether images & videos.

Sidharth Sahdev

latest Updates (May 2019):

- I'll be attending ICRA 2019 in Montreal. It's like a homecoming to Robotics. Looking forward to it.

- I attended CES 2019 in Vegas. It was a pleasure to build networks and see product innovation across the spectrum.

- I attended the NeurIPS 2018 in Montreal. A  lot of learning and networking made good connections.

Sidharth Sahdev (Sid)


I am currently a Senior Robotics Engineer & Cloud Architect at iFollow, a Paris based robotics startup for logistics and supply-chain. I'm also an advisor to a Toronto based autonomous driving startup, NuPort Robotics. Before that I was a Research Engineer (2017) at which is a Montreal based augmented reality company for marketing and digital advertising in the sports industry. I'm always open and receptive towards exciting collaborations (consulting/contracts, scientific/business development).

In June of 2017, I obtained my Master's of Science degree in Applied Computing from the University of Toronto. During my Grad-School, I worked as a Graduate Researcher (Supervisor: Prof. Eugene Fiume, Mentors: Prof. Daniel Wigdor, Dr. Ricardo Jota) at Tactual Labs, a DGP born company. My role at Tactual involved developing a novel input sensing technique for multi-user interactions. The innovative sensing algorithm I developed tries to combine ML, Signal Processing & HCI.


In 2016, I was a Research Assistant in Tsotsos LabCentre for Vision Research (CVR) group at York University where I worked on exploring deep learning techniques for object detection. I have also helped in teaching engineering students at the University of Toronto.


In 2015, I was a research intern in the Human Computer Interaction group at TELECOM ParisTech (Supervisor:  Dr. Gilles Bailly) where I worked on computer-vision & robotics inspired HCI research. I obtained my Bachelor's of Engineering degree in Electronics & Communications from BITS Pilani, Hyderabad Campus, India.


My research interests are broadly in Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Robotics, Signal Processing and Human-Computer Interaction. I'm a young researcher who likes to innovate by mixing technology. 


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SIGCHI 2017 talk from Denver, CO -->

Main Projects



Input Differentiation on

Capacitive Multi-Touch Sensors.



Deep learning approach for specific Object Detection.


GPU Programming

An evaluation to show power of GPUs.

Identifying Numbers

Image Descriptor & ML

A comparison between eight classifiers and more.

Card vs List

Emperical research

Evaluation of two smartwatch UIs.


HCI & Robotics

Actuating Desktop devices.

Removing Haze

Transportation & Vision

image & signal processing for bad whether images & videos.


Perceptual Computing

Virtually grabbing and interacting with Objects.


Biotechnology research

Fastest UTI antibiotic finder in the world.

Cricket Game

Computer Graphics

Interactive game using OpenGL.

Image Encryption


Image and video encryption using Elliptic Curve Cryptography.

Under Vehicle Security

Security & Surveillance

Under Vehicle Surveillance System to detect concealed objects.


Computer vision & Kinect

Real-time anaglyph generation for 3D endoscopy.

Imputiry Removal

Robotics & Image Processinf

A mechanism to remove impurities based on color & shape.

Ball Follower

Image Processing & Robotics

A color and shape based ball following bot.

Maze Solver


A six sensor PID based random maze solving bot.

Other projects

GPS Tracking System 

PID based 6 sensor line follower